Welcome to PythonStack Blog!


Hello dear readers,

Welcome to PythonStack, my personal blog that talks only about Python, and how to code awesome stuff, but surely not my personal life😄!

My personal motivation to start out this blog is to share with you my own journey with python. I originally love learning and writing a coding walkthrough posts, so I thought having a personal blog could be a good option not only to share with you useful tips and best practices that might help you in your learning or professional coding life,  but also to challenge myself to test new stuff.😉

I’ve chosen the name PythonStack because it refers to the diversity where you can use the language in different layers of a programming project, and I’ll try to write about various topics where you can implement Python.

I’m a big user of Git (as every developer should 😉!), so I’ll try put all my code on GitHub where you can easily find it.

To keep this introduction short, I hope you like this little contribution, I also hope that you find the expected value of my posts and tutorials.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I love reading all your comments and emails.


All the best,