About me

I’m Merouane Benthameur, a big passionate about coding, DevOps, and Data based in Montreal Canada.

I started my career in a small consulting company specialized in Linux systems, it was my very first experience with Linux/Unix systems back in 2010. I went back to university to get my master degree in business intelligence in 2013, Since then, I worked for different companies as BI developer, now I’m working for a big consulting firm in Montreal as BI & Big Data Developer, in my day to day I help companies in their data integration process and making sense of it using various Data Science tools.

Through my experience, I’ve come to meet some of the most talented people, who have taught me much.

As for my hobbies, I love spending my time learning new stuff, doing new projects and maintaining this blog!😀

Some of the technologies I use on a regular basis include:

  • Python
  • NumPy, pandas, NLTK, scikit-learn
  • NoSQL, SQL
  • ETL

Now you know a bit about me, I hope you find this blog interesting

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I’m happy to discuss opportunities for a technical contracting.

All the best,